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Exôtico Beach Hotel, About Us

Connecting Through Culture and Nature

Let us introduce to you Exôtico Beach Hotel, an oasis of natural sophistication, an al fresco lifestyle, and refined warmth in the unique scenery of the SOUTH CARIBBEAN, COSTA RICA. Experience genuine ‘pura vida’ vibes at our boutique retreat, located in Playa Grande, just steps away from the Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.
Our History

Genuine connection with Pura Vida

In the early months of 2023, Exôtico Beach Hotel opened its doors in Playa Grande, Limón, Costa Rica. More than just a place to stay, we envisioned it as a meeting point – a fusion of refined warmth, Costa Rican flavors, an al fresco lifestyle, and the “pura vida” vibes that define this region. Our purpose is simple: to invite travelers to connect with the rich culture, untouched nature, and diverse wildlife that make Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean so unique.

Connecting Through Culture and Nature

At Exôtico Beach Hotel, we go beyond providing a room; we invite you to immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean. Feel the rhythm of local music, savor the authentic tastes of Costa Rican cuisine, and experience the genuine hospitality that emanates from our community. We believe that by connecting our guests to the essence of this region, we create not just stays but memorable experiences that linger in the hearts of those who choose to explore with us.
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Jungle Suite (4)

Sustainability and Community Commitment

We understand the impact our actions have on the environment and local community. While creating memorable experiences for our guests, we actively contribute to the well-being of our neighbors in Playa Grande, Limón. Through job opportunities and support for environmental conservation, Exôtico Beach Hotel strives for a harmonious coexistence with our beautiful surroundings. Every stay contributes positively to both our guests and community.

Stay at Exôtico Beach Hotel, where each moment tells a story of connection, appreciation, and the pure life that defines Costa Rica.